How to add or remove the settings password to your wedding guestbook

This video shows you how to add a password to the settings option so that your guests don’t mistakenly change any of the guestbook settings.

How to connect to dropbox and backup your videos

This video shows you how to back up the video messages created by your family and friends to your own personal Dropbox account. By filling in your personal details and logging into your Dropbox account via the Wedding Kiosk all videos captured are then automatically saved to your Dropbox account. A functioning Wifi connection is required in order to connect with your Dropbox account.

How to delete your wedding guestbook and start over

This video shows you how to delete your wedding guestbook and create a new one. Perfect for photographers who want to reuse the wedding kiosk app at different weddings.

How to change your wedding guestbook image

In this video we show you how to replace the guestbook image with another one within a few simple steps.

How to change the theme of your wedding guestbook

In this video we show you how to change the look of your guestbook by changing the theme as we know that no wedding is the same.

How to change the wedding guestbook names

This video shows you how to change the guestbook names within a few steps. In this case you will see how we added last names to the bride and groom.

Update 1.2.0 – The many changes we made to the Wedding Kiosk app

We have changed a lot in the version as a result of the feedback of our many users. Some of these changes might not be so visible but have made the app run faster and easier to use.

The most important change is that we no longer support cloud based profiles which stored the videos captured within the cloud environment of the Wedding Kiosk. We realised that most of the users did not need this feature as they never logged into their account with different iPad devices. Users also preferred to backup their videos to their own personal cloud storage accounts than have to open another account with login and password. This is why we only offer cloud storage backup via Dropbox which is very simple to setup from within the app.  By removing cloud based profiles the app no longer requires a wi-fi connection to operate allowing videos captured to be rendered and published faster.

We have also changed a number of things to make the app easier to use. We listed a few below:

– Changed copy throughout the entire app.
– Added the ability to choose a guestbook image within the guestbook creation process.
– Added both landscape orientations for the app.
– Added 3,2,1 countdown timer within video camera before recording.

Lastly, weddings are busy places and we know how perfect you want your day to be… So we’ve added a little bit of peace of mind by allowing you to set a password to restrict access to the settings menu. That way you are sure not to have any of the settings changed mistakenly by any of the guests.

This is the first of many updates to come. So be sure to let us know how you like the app and what you would like the app to include.

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